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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connecticut Trail Finder?

Connecticut Trail Finder is a free, interactive mapping site designed to help Connecticut residents and visitors find hiking, walking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and paddling trails across the state. Our goal is to help people get out, be active, and explore our state’s treasures. Detailed trail description pages allow users to view the trails, get essential information, submit trip comments and photos, and a whole lot more. Users are able to track trail experiences, noting trails that they have completed, their favorites, or ones they want to visit.

Why trails on the internet? I like paper maps.

Trail maps are great and essential part of outdoor navigation; however, trying to find comprehensive sources on what trails exist in any given area can be challenging. CT Trail Finder will bring together extensive and up-to-date information about trails in one convenient location. Search tools will help users quickly find the right trail for a Sunday afternoon stroll or short-list a handful of trails to be explored during a week-long vacation. We can edit online trails data when notified by trail managers so that they show up on the website instantaneously. The ability of trail managers and CT Trail Finder account holders to post announcements and trip reports helps users know what to expect or entice you to choose one trail over another.

We highly recommend bringing a trail map when going out on trails. The CT Trail Finder platform connects users to the trail manager where they can find out what paper maps are available.

What if the trail I am looking for isn’t on the site?

We know we don’t have all the trails yet and we are working on adding new trails all the time. If you want to send us a suggestion, use our contact form. We will try to add the new trail as soon as possible. Because we work with trail managers, the process may take a bit of time.

I’m a trail manager. How do I add my trails to the site?

If you manage publicly accessible trails in Connecticut, we would love to add you to the site! Visit UConn's CT Trails website to learn more or email us at and we will get the process started!

I’m a trail manager. What if we add or close trails after we send in the data?

A key advantage of digital maps is that, unlike paper maps, they can be easily updated to reflect changes on the ground. We can update trail postings whenever the conditions on the ground change. Just email us your changes and we will get them on the site ASAP. 

For temporary closures, there is a trail status option we can toggle to partially open or closed. We also can set alerts that explain closures. For example, if a specific trail within a network is closed during a bird breeding season, we can set the trail system status to Partially Open with an alert describing which trail is closed and for how long. Our goal is to help trail managers get important trail management messages out to the trail users.

Is there a CT Trail Finder app?

No. We have nothing against apps, but we have deliberately chosen to focus our resources and energy on creating and sharing the best available trails information via this mobile-friendly website.  If location services are enabled on your mobile device, you will see your location on the Trail Finder maps. 

Who administers CT Trail Finder?

The site is administered by the UConn's CT Trails Team through generous support from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Who built CT Trail Finder?

CT Trail Finder was designed and built by the Center for Community GIS with programming and technical support from Aptuitiv. CCGIS and Aptuitiv have built and continue to maintain and grow multiple trail finder applications for states and regions across the U.S.

Still Have Questions?

If you don't see your question answered here, please feel welcome to Contact Us.

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