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Trailside Services Guidelines

Connecting trail businesses & users

Restaurants, lodges, gear shops, outfitters, breweries, trail clubs, campgrounds…we want to put you on the map!

People often plan an outing that includes both time on the trail and an enjoyable meal, beverage, treat, or some sight-seeing. CT Trail Finder has a unique capability of connecting the state's trails to local businesses, local attractions, and the local economy (aka services!). Trail users want more info about places to eat, drink, sleep, or gear up near the trails they are planning to visit and we are here to help them out.

Trailside Services on CT Trail Finder will direct adventurers right to your doorstep!

What do you get? When you list your Trailside Service in CT Trail Finder, your business will have its own page, which users will be able to find from several places on the website. Listings appear on the detail trail pages based on their proximity to each trail. All services will also appear on a fully searchable interactive map of Connecticut.

Add your Trailside Service to CT Trail Finder today! 

Trailside Services Defined

A trailside service is a local business or service that is tied to a trail or trails. Trailside services are grouped into the following categories.

  • Attractions - museums, galleries, arboretums, historic sites
  • Camping/Lodges - campgrounds, wilderness lodges, hostels near trails
  • Food/Drink - restaurants, food stands, coffee shops, ice cream shops, bars, breweries, wineries
  • Gear/Retail/Rentals - bike shops, bike rental, canoe/kayak rental, outdoor gear stores, outdoor outfitters
  • Hotels/Motels/B&Bs - nearby places to spend the night
  • Non-profits/Trail Clubs - trail and conservation organizations like CT Forest and Parks, the Appalachian Mountain Club, Audubon Centers, outdoor schools
  • Outdoor Activities - ropes courses, frisbee golf courses, canoe/kayak areas, ski slopes or courses
  • Visitor services - medical centers, hospitals, pet/animal services

Unsure if a service is appropriate for CT Trail Finder? Send us an email at 

What is not a considered to be a trailside service? 

It can be hard to decide what is or isn't a trailside service given different variables. We feel that, in Connecticut, people aren't generally using the items listed below as way of choosing and planning an outdoor outing. If you have thoughts on the matter, feel free to let us know at

Not included as a trailside service on CT Trail Finder

  • gas stations and convenience stores
  • grocery stores, especially large ones
  • big box stores
  • spas and salons
  • jewelry stores
  • clothing stores
  • package stores
  • law offices
How to Add a Trailside Service to CT Trail Finder
1. User Account

If you don't have a free, CT Trail Finder user account, create one and log in. Besides being able to change and update your own trailside service, the account allows you to comment on trails you visit, upload photos, and more. 

2. Online Form

Visit the Online Form to add the service- see more about the form below.

If the service already exists on CT Trail Finder, either
  • fill out the form as the contact and the Trail Finder team will add your entry and remove the existing one, OR
  • email us with any changes to the existing trailside service post at
Trailside Services Submission Form Guidance

The following explains the trailside service submission form. Please email us with questions or further clarification at

Business Name. The official name of the trailside service (business, attraction, organization).

Submitted by. This is name of the person submitting the service. This is not shown on the public interface.

Choose the capacity in which you are submitting:

  • Owner/Manager - you are in charge of this place
  • Employee or other close relation - you know the place well but aren't in charge
  • Visitor - you stopped by and this place NEEDS to be on CT Trail Finder
  • Other  - if one of the other categories really doesn't fit, choose this one 

⇒ Category. Pick from the list and pick all that apply. See above for category descriptions. 

⇒ Street Address. Enter the location of the service.

⇒ City/Town. Please choose from the list even if it is included in the address. This field is used for searching. 

⇒ Map. Select Map this Address to let google place the mark. It is also a good idea to zoom in, check, and move the pin if necessary.

Description. A short, 1-2 sentence description of the business. Do not include details that are likely to change, like business hours.

Phone. Business phone number. Do not add personal phone numbers.

⇒ Website: Full website address. Leave blank if one doesn't exist. 

Email. Business email address. Do not add any personal email addresses.  

⇒ Facebook, Instagram. Include direct links if they exist and leave blank if they don’t.

Logo. A business logo as in image (jpg, png, gif, etc.) that will be displayed on the business page. 

Images. A photo makes a huge difference! Please upload at least one photo that represents the business. Be sure it is either your own photo or one that you have permission to use. 

Then hit Submit! We will review the post, approve it, and it will be part of CT Trail Finder! Thank you for submitting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the service appear immediately when I submit it?

No. The Trail Finder team reviews each service submission before approving it. We will do this as soon as possible, but it may take a few days. 

How do I change the information in an existing trailside service?

If you added the service to CT Trail Finder using the online form, log in to CT Trail Finder and make the changes. 

If you did not create the entry with your user account and something needs to be changed or updated, send us an email that includes the service and the new information 

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Camping / Lodges
Food / Drink
Gear / Retail / Rentals
Guide Services / Tours
Hotels / Motels / B&Bs
Non-profits / Trail Clubs
Outdoor Activities
Visitor Services

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