Trailside Services are now part of CT Trail Finder!

Add Trail Guidelines

If you are a trail manager or are working with the trail manager, you can add trail(s) to CT Trail Finder. 

Overview of Steps to Add a Trail to CT Trail Finder

  1. Communication between the CT Trail Finder Team ( and you. 
  2. Data gathering (CT Trail Finder team and trail manager)
    1. Narrative. This is the descriptive information includes items like trail name, type, uses, difficulty, accessibility and a description. 
    2. Geographic (map). Every posting has a map that includes trail lines and trail points. 
  3. Trail posting development. The CT Trail Finder teams loads the information into Trail Finder.
  4. Trail manager review and approval. The trail manager reviews the preview and edits and modifications are made.
  5. Publish! The trail post is then live on CT Trail Finder and has its own link.
  6. Ongoing. Follow-up, advisory notifications, updates and more.

To Get Started

Contact us using the contact form or send and email to

Read more on the Add Trails to Trail Finder page on the CT Trails website. 

Why contribute to CT Trail Finder?

From a trail manager perspective

  • Every trail post is vetted and approved by those who know it best - the volunteers, trail stewards and park rangers (aka trail managers). 
  • CT Trail Finder connects trail users with trail management organizations.
  • CT Trail Finder compliments and promotes local activities. It does NOT replace them.
  • CT Trail Finder is an opportunity to contribute to a statewide resource of trails and outdoor resources.
  • Use optional for trail alerts to communicate about closures, flooding, and cautions.
  • Connect trailside services to trails (local economic benefit).

Other benefits include:

  • Cleaned-up GIS data that you can use for other uses.
  • Option for an "embed" map of just your trails, a specified certain area like a town, and other options for you to put on your website.
FAQ: Who is a trail manager?

The trail manager is a person and an organization.

An Organization

The trail manager organization is usually the responsible party for the trails on a property. The organization is often the property owner but not always. The trail managing organization is listed on each Trail Finder post to increase awareness (it takes a lot of time and effort to protect land and provide public access!) and maybe even recruit new volunteers.

There can be more than one trail manager organization per post.

An Individual

The trail manager is part of the managing organization and is the contact for the post on Trail Finder. In some cases, the trail manager solicits approval from the full organization before a post is published on Trail Finder.

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Benefits of CT Trail Finder

only accurate, manager approved information |
no crowdsourced information |
only authorized trails | 
share rules and allowable uses |
include warnings |
show trail connections

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